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No coupons needed, simply use your Zions Bank Visa® card at participating businesses.

(Remember to sign for your purchase instead of entering your PIN by choosing "credit" when you swipe your card).

Your rewards are automatically credited to your checking or credit card account (typically within 45 days after your purchase).

What Zions Bank Cardholders are saying:

Great food. Love the cash reward too. Zions Bank Cardholder 03-10-2010
Thai Siam is a hidden wonder. I have driven past it several times but never stopped. I saw them listed on the Zions site and decided to give them a try. I will definately go back - Thanks Zions Zions Bank Cardholder 04-09-2008
I normally order flowers through the Internet. This time, I just ordered through Zions Cash Rewards because I got $5 back. Thanks for the reward. My wife was happy and I saved some cash. Zions Bank Cardholder 10-31-2007
Saw Thai This was new on Zions Cash Rewards. Went there and really liked it… Keep giving me rewards and I'll keep going back. Zions Bank Cardholder 05-30-2012
Sent flowers to a colleague. She loved them and I loved the $5 savings. Zions Bank Cardholder 03-24-2010
Really exciting to "WIN" even if it's only a few dollars. Zions Bank Cardholder 02-16-2011
I love this program. We had clients in town and used a Zions Cash Rewards business… great food and I got some savings too - unbeknowest to our client. Zions Bank Cardholder 04-13-2011
It is really appreciated that businesses do this kind of thing to show customer appreciation:-) Zions Bank Cardholder 05-09-2012
I just found these rewards at Tunex in Heber so I thought I'd try it out. Having been there now, I'm impressed. I think I just found my new auto shop. Zions Bank Cardholder 11-28-2007
I ordered Pizza for my wife and kids when I was out of town on business as it was her birthday. Great surprise, great food, great reward. Thanks. Zions Bank Cardholder 09-19-2007
When traveling over Thanksgiving we were excited to find a hotel through Zions that gave us a reward. We'll stay there again for sure. Thanks. Zions Bank Cardholder 12-08-2010
Wow! That is awesome. Spend money to get money. Maybe I need to look into this a little more. The law of attraction in action! Thank You Universe! How do I utilize my cash back? Brandi T. 01-04-2012
I love it! Especially because I don't have to remember to bring any coupons or mention a special promotion. I usually will suggest our lunch venues based on where I can get cash back. Zions Bank Cardholder 06-28-2007
Easy to use. Gladys M. 11-19-2010
This is a terrific program. Forget skymiles… Greta R. 08-01-2007
Keep the reward coming and I'll keep my business coming. Zions Bank Cardholder 02-25-2009
First time at El Paisa Grill, saw it on Zions Cash Rewards site. Seriously good food. Will go back again. Zions Bank Cardholder 05-30-2012
Great place to get my car taken care of. Great service and friendly atmosphere -- and I get rewarded by using my Zions Card. Thanks Zions. Zions Bank Cardholder 05-12-2010
I think Zions Cash Rewards is a great program and it makes me very happy! Zions Bank Cardholder 02-16-2011
I've been going to Rupes for a while now and did not realize they were involved on the Zions Cash Rewards Program. Its always a great experience when my family dines there our meals are always delicious the service is great and now that I know Rupes utili Jesica S. 01-19-2011
Getting the cash reward is easy and keeps me coming back. Zions Bank Cardholder 03-10-2010
I love it! Zions Bank Cardholder 07-24-2008
Easy to use. Great deal and gets people to try businesses and services they might not otherwise be aware of. Zions Bank Cardholder 07-11-2007
We LOVE Mrs. Cavanaugh's, and we love money back, too, don't get us wrong; but chocolate will always keep us coming regardless of any other reward! Zions Bank Cardholder 12-09-2010
Seamless. Zions Bank Cardholder 01-21-2009
I love this! I took a couple people out to lunch and got a deal, but they didn't know it. I'm the hero and I saved a buck. Shhhh... don't tell my friends that I'm getting rewards. Zions Bank Cardholder 04-25-2008
I always go to Ray's Mufflers because they give good honest service and they give Cash Rewards. Zions Bank Cardholder 11-27-2010
Not much to say, I like the program. David H. 01-19-2011
It was unexpected. I will put more attention to the program next time. I am very pleased with Zions Bank. David S. 10-16-2010
THANK YOU! Ashley C. 05-21-2007
I love Forever Young Shoes and giving me cash back just makes me want to tell all my friends about it! Zions Bank Cardholder 08-03-2011
We love getting cash back! Jennifer F. 07-11-2007
It is great that I can receive money back to a restaurant that I ate at. It is like getting something free. Michelle C. 12-16-2007
Found out about this program recently and received a nice cash reward bonus. I will definitely be using my Zions bank card more often! Zions Bank Cardholder 03-24-2010
Tried Scaddy's and loved it. Will go back. Thanks for the cash back too. Zions Bank Cardholder 05-09-2012
It is nice to know that this program works. Steve W. 02-11-2008
Braza Grill is my new favorite steakhouse. Money back makes it worth it every time. Zions Bank Cardholder 10-13-2010
It is always a great treat to receive a reward notice. Deborah H. 11-24-2010
Port of Subs provided a wonderful lunch and now an unexpected cash reward - a very nice surprise. thanks. Zions Bank Cardholder 05-02-2012
It is nice to get cash back from the places I normally go to. Diane S. 11-02-2011
It is very nice to know that we can "earn" a little back from out shopping!!! Kamille B. 03-05-2009
Love it, before we went to Moab a couple of weeks ago, I checked out which business has Zions Cash Back Rewards. Lucky for us, the lodge we stayed out had a Zions reward program. Zions Bank Cardholder 03-28-2012
Dave's Health & Nutrition has the best Whey Protein. Really glad I found this place. Thanks Zions and Dave's. Zions Bank Cardholder 04-18-2012
I had never been to Thai Siam when I learned they were on the program. I loved it and will be going more often! Zions Bank Cardholder 03-07-2012
I looked at your website to find a place to get an alignment done on my car. I found Big O Tires... Thanks for the $5. Zions Bank Cardholder 06-18-2007
I don't think I've ever paid more than fifteen bucks for a pair of sunglasses. I've always wanted to get better sunglasses but thought it wasn't worth it. When I saw I could get $10 back from Sunstop I decided to splurge. Holy cow! I'm glad I did. These s Zions Bank Cardholder 08-22-2007
I love Cash Rewards Laura S. 03-13-2008
I was taking my family to Yellowstone for the first time and wanted to make my trip for them the best and for me. I went to Zions Cash Rewards to look around Island Park to see if anything existed -- I found this restaurant and was excited to try it. It Zions Bank Cardholder 06-23-2010
We often make buying decisions based on the Zions Cash Rewards program. Zions Bank Cardholder 09-03-2008
I like that you don't have to sign up or fill out forms. Sarah B. 08-15-2007
I love this program. My sweet wife shops too much. But, at least I know when she goes to Downeast, she will get rewarded. Thanks Downeast and thanks to Zions for this cool program. Zions Bank Cardholder 04-11-2012
I went to St. George for the Marathon. I noticed a restaurant on the Zions Cash Rewards website so I thought "why not give it a try?" the food was great. I'll go back again. Zions Bank Cardholder 11-18-2010
Easy as can be. I didn't do anything different and here's an e-mail saying I got cash back. The food is fantastic too. Bev W. 01-20-2008
I love getting cash rewards. Thanks! Karla W. 05-07-2008
Booking a hotel in St. George was so much easier this time! I usually call tons of hotels to get the best price. This time I only called the places on your website. I found a great deal with the $60 reward at Courtyard by Marriott. What's more, we LOVED t Zions Bank Cardholder 09-19-2007
The procedure was seamless; we didn't have to do anything extra! All we had to do was use our card! Thank you, Zions! Zions Bank Cardholder 05-16-2012
With gas prices so high getting cash back is the only thing that keeps me eating out. Zions Bank Cardholder 07-08-2008
It was great! Thanks for helping me to choose restaurants. Zions Bank Cardholder 09-24-2008
I went to Tricked Out Accessories and bought a set of headphones and a protector for my iphone. It was great to get a few bucks back. I'll go there again. Zions Bank Cardholder 10-05-2011
This is the first time I have used this program. I don't usually use my debt card but I did this time and saved a couple of bucks. I am all for saving cash. Great program. Greg K. 09-19-2007
I appreciate saving money at a business that I routinely shop with anyway. Zions Bank Cardholder 08-15-2007
Enjoy it and how easy it is. I like to not have to carry a card connected with a specific rewards plan and that it is automatic with my debit card. Zions Bank Cardholder 05-17-2007
I never would have tried Madelines Steakhouse if it wasn't for the reward. Now I'm glad I went in! The food was great and my family had a great time. Thanks! Zions Bank Cardholder 08-13-2007
The only reason I drove past a dozen restaurants to eat at these places is because I get a cash reward. Thanks. Zions Bank Cardholder 04-30-2009
I hadn't been to Pier 49 Pizza in years. Earning cash back, I'll go all the time now. Zions Bank Cardholder 04-12-2012
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Earn cash rewards on qualified purchases using your Zions Bank Visa® debit card (requires a Zions Bank checking account) or Zions Bank Visa® credit card (subject to credit approval) when you shop at participating merchants. No enrollment fee to participate in the program and no out-of-pocket cost; a minimal monthly processing fee is deducted from your paid earnings only if a cash reward is paid. Cash Rewards are typically credited to your account within 45 days of a qualifying purchase, but in the event of delays in payment by merchants, it may take up to 90 days or more to receive payment of an earned cash reward. PIN-based transactions do not qualify so be sure to sign for your purchase. Rewards and offers are established by participating Merchants, are subject to change at any time and may vary by location, day, time or event. See for a current list of participating merchants and program terms and conditions.